Jimmy Zhang

Nature, Structures, People
Equity, Justice, Resilience

Hello! Welcome to my website!

I am a second year M.S. student at Stanford University in the Structural Engineering & Geomechanics program. My research interest focuses on the assessment and quantification of risk at the interface between the built and natural environment. The brand I hope to establish involves the exploration of system responses between land-use and people, particularly subject to natural and anthropogenically induced hazards.

To date, my work has spanned flooding and earthquake resilience at a regional level, with emphasis placed on the evaluation and alleviation of socioeconomic consequences for communities. Much of this work is done in collaboration with UBC Social Ecological Economic Development Studies, Stanford Urban Resilience Initiative, and Baker Research Group.

I am also a licensed agent for the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver, and am constantly seeking reciprocity opportunities to apply urban land economics principles and databases towards disaster resilience projects. Vice versa, I also hope to explore topics such as the value and influence of disaster salience on real estate markets and the economy.

Select Portfolio

Triangle Island Remote Mass Timber Construction

2019 ArchEng Design Competition - Fast + Epp

(Ft. Amy Lee & Karen Lok, M.Arch UBC)


Thunderbird Lake - Stormwater Detention

2019 UBC Design & Innovation Day - Industry Award

(Full: https://dx.doi.org/10.14288/1.0386765)

Thunderbird Lake.pdf

Regional Induced Seismic Risk Analysis - Oklahoma

Fall 2021 Meeting - American Geophysical Union

(Full: S25C-0258 iPosterSession)

OKC Induced Seismicity.pptx